Nicole Who?  WEll, She's

: a Brooklyn-based actress, writer, and voice artist.

: A native of the Hudson Valley, who studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse and Vassar College.

: An original cast member of Vassar Voices, and the national tour included dream team guests Meryl Streep, Lisa Kudrow, and Frances Sternhagen.

: A mover and shaker who has travelled the country to work on indie films - Seattle to Atlantic City to Philadelphia and back in NYC - and invited internationally as a guest artist, toured rural Greece in a VW Bus, adapting classic myths to new life.

: An artistic collaborator with One Year Lease Theater Company, Target Margin, Playing with Reality, Tale Told Productions, Lake Lucille, and founding member of Room for Elephants. 

: An expert popcorn maker and French Bulldog enthusiast.